Benefits of our Database migration software

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Speed database migration and synchronization

Our software connects directly to source and destination databases. It does not use ODBC or any other middleware software to achieve the highest possible performance. Our improved engine allows converting approximately 1 Million records for 5-10 min.

Customization of Database migration process

Customize your data conversion process easily. You can copy your database as it is or modify the target database structure according to your requirements! All objects including tables, views, fields, indices and foreign keys can be tuned up before migration starts. (i.e. renamed or excluded).

Migration customization

Bulk Insert and Quantization

These options have been added to the software to speed up migration / synchronization especially for large databases. Quantization option can handle large tables with millions of rows without exceeding the memory level. This is accomplished by splitting the whole record set into subsets.

The Bulk Insert option is valuable if your data processing is time-critical. It works significantly faster than quantization in times. This method uses the same memory size as conversion with default configuration. The quantization option is ideal for rational memory usage but it can take more time than usual conversion.

Bulk Insert and quantization features

Trigger-based instant synchronization

Synchronization tools are intended for comparison, data synchronization and replication between different databases. Comparison Identical, Different, Missing and Additional records are performed in the best way. Tuning up settings for implemented Insert, Update and Drop synchronization features, you are able to accomplish overall synchronization flexibly.

Database synchronization types

Trigger-based instant synchronization method increases synchronization speed in times.

Trigger based instant synchronization

Bidirectional synchronization

Bi-directional sync allows replicating data in two directions to keep up-to-date data in all synched nodes.

Just check “Bidirectional sync” option at the Customization step and synchronizer will fulfill all the rest for you.

Bidirectional Database synchronization

See the list of tools where Bi-directional synchronization is available below:

Views / queries conversion

Cross database views or queries conversion is available for some of migration directions listed below

An innovative parser provides the most efficient and the easiest way of view migration including the following types: simple queries of SELECT type, queries with standard functions (not including statistical with NZ prefix), cross table queries. Our software converts SQL queries COMPLETELY AUTOMATICALLY. No need to learn the differences in SQL dialects syntax. No special knowledge is required from your side.

Views migration for Access, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle

Safe data migration and database integrity

Our Data migration programs take care about safety of your binary data! Applications support all binary data types (including `BLOBs`, `OLE Object` packages, BYTEA). All table structure, data, schemas (Oracle, SQL Server 2000 or higher, PostgreSQL), views/ MS Access queries, primary keys, indices and foreign keys (relations in MS Access), auto-increment (serial) and default value will be migrated.

Verification of potential conversion errors before migration

Our software checks your database structure and relations in order to detect issues that can come up in migration to keep database integrity. Our tools display potential problems with your database objects BEFORE you’ve migrated! Some errors that could bring to the conflict on a destination database are easy to eliminate by a small reconfiguration of the conversion process issues in one touch.

Verification of potential errors before migration

Data types mapping

With integrated Data Mapping feature you can easily match one data type to its closest and relative equivalent in target fields. Compatible data type assignment makes your cross database conversion more flexible.

Data types mapping

Data filters

You can get full control over the migration process with customizing integrated data filters. They allow users to split large amounts of data and to retrieve specific dataset according to defined filtering criteria. You can select needed tables, fields, indices, foreign keys, queries and views to proceed!

Data filters

Ability to save a migration job as a session

You can simply save your conversion job as a session in order to avoid configuring the migration process every time you start the program.

Saveable sessions

Command line mode

Use command-line mode to automate your export and import jobs using the saved session name as a parameter.

Migration job scheduler

Flexible Scheduling

Conversion and synchronization task can be configured in all products with built-in Scheduling stage. With the help of sessions, the scheduled tasks will be started automatically as services in background mode giving you an opportunity to keep them unattended.

Migration job scheduler

Find more information about Database Migration Scheduling Customization

Secure tunnel connections

Our database migration tools have the ability to establish a stable connection between different platforms and provide a secure tunnel for safe data running with optional SSH configurations.

SSH connection for migration

Workaround for firewalls and access rights

You have the chance to create dumps and PHP scripts for indirect data uploading on MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Firebird and Oracle. It will assist you to stay away from possible server restrictions.

Firewall issues

Full UNICODE support

Our products support Unicode architecture completely. They’re compatible with a lot of character sets (including Unicode utf-8) and associated standards.

UNICODE support for db conversion

You can get more information about specific features for different migration directions at appropriate pages. Please, proceed to product pages.

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