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MS Access Export and Import

To scale Access applications to enterprise or web solutions, there are a number of tools listed at our web site.
If you wish to export / import Access data or synchronize Access database, please choose the target direction below.

Access Export/ Import, synchronization directions

MS Access to MySQL MS Access to MS SQL MS Access to PostgreSQL MS Access to MS FoxPro MS Access to Firebird MS Access to SQLite MS Access to Oracle MS Access to SQL Azure

  • MS Access export/import tools work under Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / NT.

Microsoft Access can be considered as one of the most popular entry-level desktop database management applications available in the present world. MS Access offers a flexible environment both for database developers and users. It uses the failiar Microsoft Office interface.

Some people are saying that Microsoft Jet database engine used in MS Access is dead but it is not true. ACE is a new 64-bit version of JET has been introduced and it is backward compatible and pretty healthy.
People who say that Jet often corrupts databases are stuck in 1995.

MS Access database Capacities:

Database (.accdb) Size: 2 GB, minus the space needed for system objects.
Table Size: 2 GB, minus the space needed for system objects.
Number of concurrent users: 255

Top 5 Reasons to Migrate from Microsoft Access to Server databases:

Deployment of information. Migrating Access to a server based solution opens up the number of opportunities. Any kind of server-based client can use the information, not just Access. This allows your data to be exploited extensively in more contexts, and by more people.
Your database becomes more accessible over the Web. Although Access provides some capabilities for making a web-based database, but there is a wider range of options for server databases. In addition, the web interface is the best solution for providing a platform-independent entryway to your information. Browsers on many types of machines can access it.
Management of large databases. Total size for an Access database is limited to about 2 Gb. Server dbms can manage terabytes of data efficiently.
Multi-user access. MS Access is generally intended for a single-user environment for local use. Although Access provides capabilities for data sharing, that is not really its strength. A server database offers ability to manage large amounts of data efficiently. They were designed from the beginning to run in a networked environment for servicing huge numbers of clients simultaneously.
Integrity and Backup management. Migrating data from Access to server-side database provides a benefit for data integrity and backups. Server databases have centralized place to store data and automated capabilities for performing backups exist for all popular database engines. Backup can be more complicated for individual Access users who store their data locally.
Hardware/ Platform choices. Server database engines run on several platforms including Linux, Unix and Windows. If you use Access you are limited to Windows family OS only.

Using our Access migration software you have a chance to export your Access applications to other desktop, server, or cloud databases. Synchronize your Access database and replicate your data with no hassle. Even more, you can specify MS Access for both source and destination.