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Azure SQL Export and Import

Although MS SQL Azure is very similar to MS SQL, importing data to MS SQL Azure from any other databases provides many benefits like high performance, rapid provisioning and progress reporting. If you need to export / import your data or replicate MS SQL Azure database please look through the list of target directions below.

Azure SQL migration/ synchronization directions

SQL Azure to MS Access SQL Azure to MySQL SQL Azure to PostgreSQL SQL Azure to IBM DB2 SQL Azure to MS FoxPro SQL Azure to MS Excel SQL Azure to SQLite SQL Azure to Firebird SQL Azure to Oracle

  • Azure SQL cross database migration software works under Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / NT.
Windows Azure SQL Database is a cloud-based relation database service from Microsoft which extends SQL Server data-storage capabilities. Benefits of Azure SQL Database include manageability, scalability, high availability, a familiar SQL Server development model, and a relational data model.

Using our Azure SQL migration tools you can extend your existing database applications with no hassle. Import your database structure, schemas, tables, and views to Azure SQL or export the data from Azure to other databases in several easy steps. Synchronize Azure SQL data with leading database engines is performed fast and accurate due to instant trigger based synchronization feature