SQLite Export and Import

The main purpose of our SQLite migration software is the effortless data transfer between SQLite and other database systems.

Firstly, our SQLite converters connect to your database. The next step is choosing the whole SQLite database or filtered data for migration. Finally, programs migrate and replicate SQLite structure and data.

Automatic data transfer execution is also available through a command line interface using predefined settings in a session file.
Additionally, two SQLite database can be chosen both as a source and as a destination.

Choose the possible destination directions below:

SQLite to MS Access SQLite to MS FoxPro SQLite to MySQL SQLite to MS SQL SQLite to Oracle SQLite to SQL Azure

  • SQLite conversion software works under Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / NT.
SQLite is an open-source serverless database engine. It is free for use both for any commercial or private purpose. SQLite is currently found in countless number of applications. It is probably the most widely used database engine, as it is embedded into several widespread browsers and operating systems.

Using our SQLite cross database export and import tools you can easily convert and synchronize database objects between SQLite and other databases and servers, transfer one or many tables at a time and migrate SQLite data to another db engines. You can even manage the migration process by examining notifications of probable conversion errors.