License Types

  Personal   Business   Enterprise
Premium Technical Support Optional Optional Included
Maximum number of users 1 5 Unlimited
Subscription for updates 1 year 1 year 3 years
Prices From US$149 From US$449 From US$999

Premium technical support

Premium technical support option is included in Enterprise License price and it is available for Personal and Business license types for additional fee.

Number of users

Number of users is based on the number of individual users who are granted to use the software.

Upgrade policy

For Personal and Business license types all the upgrades released within ONE YEAR from the date of purchase are free of charge. Beyond one year, you can purchase an upgrade to the latest version of the Software at a special discounted price to get free upgrades for another full year.

The owners of Enterprise version are entitled to free upgrades during THREE YEARS from the date of purchase. It means that for three years you may download and install new versions of the Software. After three years, you can purchase an upgrade to the latest version at a special discounted price, and this upgrade will allow you to have free upgrades for another three years.

Note: Current version and all further minor and major versions of software released within the specified time period mentioned above after purchase may be used by Licensee for lifetime.