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SQL Azure to MySQL Migration and Sync

We offer the simplest way for converting and synchronizing data from SQL Azure to MySQL databases. Easy-to-use wizard application allows you to select separate tables, fields and indices for converting and sync.  Fully customizable interface makes the import data from SQL Azure to MySQL smooth and reliable.

These days many companies use SQL Azure to store their data. But cloud computing raises new challenges for data integration and pricing issues that require extra expenses. In this case it is much easier to store your data in a familiar and free MySQL Server. 

What are the benefits of MySQL Server?

  • It's easy to use as a basic knowledge of SQL is required.
  • It's fast and highly reliable as it includes various data security layers that protect sensitive data from interventions.
  • It runs on different operating systems including Windows, Linux, Solaris, Macintosh and others.
  • MySQL is free.

When you need to work around security system on your computer, application gives you the ability to use PHP scripts and Dump files.
The tool converts/translates views from SQL Azure to MySQL  (from one database dialect to another) automatically with no SQL knowledge from your side. 
Program engine can move 1 million records and more from SQL Azure to MySQL in 5 min. 
Application has the ability to automate migration running tasks in built-in scheduler or in helpful console mode.

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Product highlights

  • Views conversion from MySQL to MS SQL and Oracle and back support
  • Saving data into a MySQL Dump and PHP script for export to MySQL database
  • Ability to connect to MySQL Server 4.x/5.x located on Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows machines
  • Speed conversion with Bulk and Quantization features
  • Also see common features for all DBConvert tools


  • Necessary privileges to write into database on the target MySQL server (this requirement is optional as there is an option to overcome the restrictions using dump file or PHP Script)

Converter from
SQL Azure to MySQL

  • 17 Jul, 2013
  • Version 4.0.3

Synchronizer between
SQL Azure and MySQL

  • 11 Jun, 2013
  • Version 5.1.3

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From MySQL to SQL Azure

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New Features

  • Parameterized queries are added. Conversion/synchronization speed increased by 15%.
  • Added views conversion from SQL Azure to MySQL and back.
  • Engine speed improvements. 1 million records and more can be converted/synchronized in 5-10 min.
  • Bi-directional synchronization implemented
  • Trigger-based instant synchronization method between SQL Azure and MySQL found.


SQL Azure to MySQL: Benefits

  • 1 - Workaround for firewalls and access rights
  • 2 - Views conversion
  • 3 - Flexible customization for all db elements
  • 4 - Bulk and quantization for speed up of big volume of data processing
  • 5 - Conditional data migration
  • 6 - Full UNICODE architecture support
  • 7 - Optimal data mapping
  • 8 - Verification of potential migration issues
  • 9 - Command line mode & scheduling
  • 10 - Savable sessions